LPN Loses Job Following Death of Resident at St. Louis Park Nursing Home

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

In January of this year, a resident at Texas Terrace Care Center in St. Louis Park died minutes after suffering breathing problems.  State health investigators have now concluded that a veteran nurse at the facility failed to take proper action when the problem occurred.  A report by the state Health Department concludes that the nurse should have called 911, and that she did not follow standard nursing procedures.

According to investigators, the licensed practical nurse also provided versions of the event that were not consistent.  What she explained when interviewed about the incident and documentation of the incident in writing were inconsistent.  Mat Bedard, administrator at Texas Terrace Care Center, said the nurse was no longer employed by the facility.  She was hired in 1994.  In the report, neither the resident nor the nurse were named.

Even when a staff member has worked in a nursing home or elderly care facility for as many years as this LPN had, neglect and abuse often take place.  Our loved ones are supposed to be well taken care of and looked after properly, which is why we place them in these facilities.  All too often, a shortage of staff or simple lack of compassion leads to abuse or neglect.  Hygiene procedures are often skipped, medications may not be given on time, and those at risk of falling or hurting themselves in some other way are not given the attention they need to prevent injuries or even death.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or elderly care facility that you suspect is being abused or neglected, speak with authorities.  If you get no resolution or suspect that your loved one is not being taken care of in the proper manner, discuss the matter with a reputable New York nursing home abuse attorney.  Improper treatment of a loved one is not acceptable!

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Missouri Nursing Home for Veterans Facing Neglect and Sexual Abuse Allegations

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Recently, the K.F. Jammer Manor, a Missouri nursing home for veterans, has come under fire following allegations of nursing home neglect and sexual abuse of veterans.  An impromptu inspection by Veterans Administration staff was performed after state agencies began investigating claims of nursing home abuse.  In one incident, investigators began searching following a hot-line tip that came in alleging a female veteran had been sexually abused by a nursing home employee.

Since this incident, several veterans have been moved from the facility, and the Veterans Administration says that numerous other requests to be moved have been made by veterans.  The owner of K.F. Jammer Manor strongly denies the charges of sexual abuse.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services performed an investigation in 2009 in which it was determined that veterans are often neglected.  Violations that were found included medications not being given over time periods in excess of one month.  One patient who suffered from a psychotic disorder was not given medications for over a month, while another who needed heart medication was not given the medication for 14 days.  In addition, many of the veterans rooms were damaged and dirty.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services spokesperson Kit Wager stated that “No one wants to do a slip shot investigation,” and said that “When allegations are made and they are serious, we look into them immediately.  We were there immediately.”  She stated that the facility is being looked in to in it’s entirety, along with the allegations of sexual abuse.  The VA says that veterans who wish to be removed will be, and that surprise nursing home inspections will continue.

It is a shame what goes on in nursing homes today.  Not only do we have to worry about our loved ones not being given necessary medications that keep them alive, now it appears that sexual abuse is another worry.  Being fed on time, cleanliness, rest and good care are things we expect from a nursing home, but all too often do not get.

When you feel that something is not right or it is evident that your loved one is being abused or neglected, discuss your concerns with nursing home authorities.  If you get no relief, talk to a New York nursing home abuse and neglect attorney.  Your loved one has rights, and they need to be protected.

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Atlanta Unlicensed Nursing Home Owner Faces Charges of Murder & Elder Abuse

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Recently, a Monroe, Walton County GA man was arrested on charges of felony murder and cruelty to an elderly person over the age of 65.  Steven Easton is the man facing charges, who operated an elder care facility out of his home.  Thomas Watkins is the elderly man who lost his life last July, the case is being reviewed for nursing home abuse.

It was apparent that Watkins had been neglected, as his daughters said he was hardly recognizable due to the numerous ulcers and extreme bedsores he had.  In fact, some of the ulcers were so infected that bones and tendons were visible through the mans skin.  Ultimately, these sores became infected and progressed to sepsis, followed by organ failure.

In July, Easton dropped the elderly man off at Walton Regional Medical Center, informing the staff that Watkins was a homeless man with no family.  Watkins was stabilized at the hospital, when it was realized by staff members that he was in dire need of additional care.  He was then transferred to Atlanta Regional Medical Center, where he lost his life ten days later.

Officials believe that all of this could have been prevented, and that the extreme downturn of Watkins health was most likely due to months of neglect.  One of his daughters also believed that Easton had taken what money her father had remaining, and reported this to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation along with possible Medicaid fraud.

Upon further investigation, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office found that Easton had no license whatsoever for the facility he ran (in his home) where he had been supposedly “caring” for Watkins.  The GBI and WCSO worked together and soon determined that Watkins had been severely neglected.  A bench warrant was issued on March 19th for Easton’s arrest, and he remained incarcerated waiting for formal indictment on April 5th.  Law enforcement investigations that have taken place have made it extremely clear that this tragedy is in fact a case of wrongful death because of the extreme negligence involved.

While this situation is tragic, it doesn’t begin to explain the tragedy of what takes place in nursing homes and elder care facilities today.  It is essential that we take a stand against those who continue to prey on and abuse our elderly loved ones today.  If you have suspicions that neglect or abuse is taking place where your loved one is supposedly being taken care of, do not hesitate to notify nursing home authorities.  If you get no response or satisfaction, contact a nursing home abuse attorney in New York at once.

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