California Nursing Home Fires 6 Employees Following Abuse of Dementia Patients

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Valley View Skilled Nursing Facility in California fired six employees following an incident concerning dementia patients.  Apparently, the employees slathered a lubricant over several of these residents from head to toe so that they were hard to handle for workers on the next shift.  These former employees were arrested and face several misdemeanor charges including battery committed on an elder or dependent adult, battery while on hospital property, conspiracy and injury to elder or dependent adults.

Four of the fired employees were directly involved in the abuse, which was inflicted on seven elderly patients, while two others who knew of the incidents failed to report the abuse to authorities.  The California State Attorney General’s office identified those former employees who were charged as Kathleen Phillips, 23, Jared Buckley, 29, Jenny Bido, 26, Christina Guerrero, 30, Jennifer Burton, 33 and Monica Smith, 51.

This is one instance of a nursing home making the right decision by firing the employees for their abusive actions.  While this kind of treatment may seem juvenile (and it is), it could put the lives of the patients in danger if those staff members on the next shift were to drop them or be unable to hold on to a patient while walking to the bathroom, which could result in broken bones, fractures or worse.

Many forms of abuse and neglect occur at nursing homes and elderly care facilities, some physical and some mental.  When you place your elderly loved one in a skilled care facility, you expect them to get proper care and treatment – but this is not always the case.  All too often our loved ones develop bed sores because they are not turned frequently, they are starved and not given medication on time, and even slapped or beaten by ruthless employees. It is often the very people you trust to care for your loved one who neglect and abuse them.

If you suspect that your loved one is not being given the proper care in a nursing home or have seen evidence that causes suspicion, contact a New York nursing home abuse lawyer immediately.