Abuse of Elderly Resident Leads to Arrest of Lufkin Nursing Home Employee

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Sheree James, a Lufkin nursing home employee, was arrested on September 8th for alleged elder abuse of an 83-year-old woman.  Grace Care Center Nursing Home is where the alleged abuse took place.  An administrator of the facility, Pam Humphrey, notified local police immediately after the incident occurred.  She also filed a report with the state agency responsible for monitoring nursing homes in the area.

According to two certified nurses aids that witnessed the abuse, James had taken the elderly woman in to the shower room when they heard the resident telling James to stop hitting her.  They also heard the resident crying, and reported that James had told them that the way to control that particular resident was to “bend her thumb back to her wrist if she gets out of control.”

The aids went to see what was taking place after hearing James slap the elderly woman five times.  According to the witnesses, the woman’s face was very red and James was causing more pain by pulling the residents hair extremely hard.  The elderly woman also had a knot on her head according to the report.

Humphrey stated that the facility followed all procedures and policies by informing police and filing a report with the state monitoring agency.  James was let go immediately following the incident, and has not been back in the building since the alleged abuse took place according to Humphrey, who said “It’s our duty to protect our residents.”

An internal investigation of Grace Care Center Nursing Home has been completed, and the elderly woman is doing fine according to Humphrey.  Sheree James was being held at Angelina County Jail without bond.

This type of abuse of our elderly loved ones is deplorable, and totally unacceptable.  We place our loved ones in nursing home and elder care facilities so that their needs can be met, and so that they can be well taken care of both physically and mentally.

If you feel that your elderly loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, discuss your concerns with an experienced Buffalo elder abuse lawyers.  Your loved one has rights, and should never be subjected to the type of treatment described above.