Eleven Employees of Virginia Nursing Home Indicted for Abuse

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

FBI investigations have led to the indictment of 11 workers at an Arlington, Virginia nursing home.  The FBI placed a hidden camera in the room of Jack Evans, a long time resident of the Potomac Center nursing home following complaints of abuse and neglect.  Two convictions have been made so far.

Jack Evans had lived at the Potomac Center for seven years; according to Mary Kay Evans, the residents wife, she had complained on a regular basis about the treatment he was receiving at the nursing home.  Mary Kay stated that her husband’s diaper would often be saturated when she would visit him, and that the diapers were left on for 12 hours or longer.

She also claimed that his hygiene was neglected, as his body would be dirty when she came to visit, he was unshaved, and that his fingernails were long.  Evans was partially paralyzed, could not move about freely and had problems breathing.

Charges against the 11 employees range from forgery and nursing home neglect to assault and battery.  After Mrs. Evans agreed with the Virginia State Medicaid Fraud office to allow the FBI to place a hidden surveillance camera in his room, one registered nurse was recorded holding a pillow over her husband’s face.  Mrs. Evans stated that she felt all nursing homes should be equipped with cameras, and that residents need protection from neglect and abuse because they are not going to get acceptable care without cameras.

A $10 million lawsuit against Potomac Center has been filed by Mrs. Evans in response to the abuse and neglect.  The nursing homes holding company is Genesis Healthcare; 35 other defendants were also named in the suit.

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a growing concern in this country, and it must be stopped.  We depend on these facilities to properly care for our elderly family members, but this is often not the case.  If you feel that your loved one is being mentally or physically abused or neglected in an elderly care facility, contact an aggressive New York nursing home abuse and neglect attorney. Brown Chiari – your Buffalo injury law firm