Suspected Nursing Home Neglect Leads to Exhumation of Pennsylvania Man’s Body

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

In November of 2010, 85 year-old Aldo Giannini died from what was said to be a heart attack at Juniper Village in Forest Hills.  Now, Kim Bogesdorfer, Giannini’s daughter, is suspicious and having his body exhumed in order to determine the real cause of her father’s death.

Although the death certificate states that the resident died of a heart attack, his daughter has reason to believe that something a little more sinister may have been taking place.  The day that Giannini died at Juniper Village, two other residents died also – and Bogesdorfer said that she got conflicting stories from staff members about what really happened that day as well.  In fact, the nursing supervisor as well as the executive director at the facility told her that people were becoming ill, including staff members and other residents.

There was also a delay in the nursing home calling the family, which raises more suspicion.  Bogesdorfer believes that he father began getting ill around 12:30 in the morning on November 10th.  Family was not called until 6:42 that evening, and paramedics were not called until 6:47 a.m.  Giannini’s last call to the nurse’s aide was at 5 p.m. that evening, nearly two hours before family and paramedics were called.  She was told that her father died peacefully in his sleep, and believes that her family was lied to because of the other factors.

Bogesdorfer says that she is concerned about what really happened to her father and whether it could have been prevented.  If autopsy reports reveal possible nursing home negligence, she is prepared to file a lawsuit against Juniper Village; the facility had no comment on the matter according to local television stations in Pittsburgh.

While it is hard to determine whether the resident whose body is being exhumed died from a heart attack or for another reason, we all know that nursing homes have a bad reputation for the most part today.  Many facilities are understaffed, or staffed by agencies with temporary personnel who are not qualified to work in a nursing home environment.

Still, there is no excuse for the abusive treatment and blatant neglect that some of our loved ones endure in nursing home and elder care facilities today.

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