Be Careful to Look For the Signs of New York Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

When you have to put your loved one in a nursing home, this is a very traumatic time indeed. At least you should be able to expect that when you do have to take this difficult step, your loved one will now be taken care of adequately, getting his or her needs met in a safe environment. What do you do, then, if you find signs that there is actually nursing home abuse and neglect going on with your loved one? First, you manage the situation immediately so that your loved one is safe. Then, you contact a Buffalo Injury Law Firm which specializes in this area of the law.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect?


* Physical injuries

Probably the first thing you think of when you think of nursing home abuse and neglect are obvious bruises, broken bones, or other physical manifestations that abuse is occurring. If you see bruises, broken bones, or other unexplained injuries on your loved one, or staff or your loved one are suddenly saying to you that he or she is “falling” a lot and causing these injuries, be very suspicious. It’s possible that abuse is going on, and if it is, it needs to be stopped now. Contact a New York nursing home abuse lawyer who specializes in nursing home abuse and neglect to manage your case, as soon as you have moved or otherwise taken steps to protect your loved one from further abuse.

* Lack of hygiene

If your loved one is normally very clean and neat and suddenly appears unkempt, you should be concerned. If staff is not taking care of your loved one adequately or won’t help with hygiene needs, that can be abuse as well.

Mental changes

Similarly, if your loved one is usually bright and alert and suddenly appears sleepy and disoriented, over medication is another way that staff may be abusing your loved one. Overly medicated patients do not typically cause a lot of trouble; this may be a way of controlling your loved one in unwarranted fashion.


Not all abuse is physical. If staff is unduly harsh with your loved one, such that he or she suddenly appears afraid or upset, this can be an example of nursing home abuse and neglect, too.

If you find that your loved one is being abused or neglected, take steps to protect him or her immediately. Move to another home if necessary. Then, contact a nursing home attorney in who specializes in this type of case, so that you can sue for damages, pain and suffering. This will give you the money you need to continue to take care of your loved one in an appropriate and safe manner.

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