New York Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys Are the Resource You Need During Tough Times

New York nursing homes are generally organizations that by law must provide safe and effective care to the residents. Unfortunately, fully 25% of homes in the United States are regular violators of policy, such that they face retribution. If you and your loved one have been victims of just this sort of situation, you need to take action. New York nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys are on your side; they know you’re going through a difficult time, not just because you are the caregiver for an ill or infirm loved one, but because now, you have to face a very difficult problem with the nursing home you chose. New York nursing home abuse attorneys are there to be your allies, to help make sure you get justice for your loved one, and to help you get the necessary compensation you deserve for what you’re both going through. With this compensation, you can focus on taking care of your loved one and putting him or her in the best facility possible, so that abuse and neglect are simply bad memories.

If you have the unfortunate situation happen where your loved one actually passes away because of the abuse or neglect, your personal injury case is an even more serious one. Either way, New York nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers are there to represent you, fairly, professionally, and with your best interests in mind. When you have them on the job, you can focus on taking care of your loved one or on healing from your loss, as the case may be.

A special case of abuse or neglect

Nursing home residents are by their very nature a sort of “captive audience” for the nursing homes they live in. If they have mental or physical infirmities that have rendered them incompetent to care for themselves, it’s also probably true that they can’t defend themselves if they become the victims of abuse or neglect. That’s where you come in. If you see signs of abuse or neglect with your loved one, take action right away.

Some of these symptoms can include: poor hygiene; over medication resulting in drowsiness; bumps and bruises (from either physical abuse/rough handling, or from falling due to over-medication, as just one example); and emotional abuse or rude treatment by staff.

Notify administration right away and then advocate for your loved one. Get him or her moved out of the home, and contact a Buffalo personal injury lawyer to take a look at your case. Your attorney will evaluate your case and then will accept your case on contingency if it’s valid. With that, you can rest assured that both you and your loved one will get the compensation you deserve.

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