New York Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers Handle All Kinds of Abuse and Neglect Cases

It happens; you may not want to think about it, but there are times when abuse and neglect may happen to a loved one whose care you have entrusted to a nursing home. If you’re not able to take care of your loved one yourself, this is usually the next best option; although nothing can take the place of your loving care, it’s understandable that you may not have the skills or resources to do everything needed on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, while most nursing homes are fine institutions that will do everything possible to take care of your loved one appropriately, as many as one-fourth throughout the country face some kind of violation in this regard. If you become aware that your loved one is the victim of New York nursing home abuse and neglect, you need to contact New York nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers right away – after you make sure your loved one is safe, of course.

Some types of physical abuse and neglect

* Physical abuse

Bruises, broken bones, and other injuries can happen when staff or other involved parties abuse your loved one. If you see any signs of physical abuse on your loved one, make sure you contact a New York injury attorneys right away.

* Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can be harder to spot, but if your loved one’s demeanor has changed, such that he or she has become fearful or upset when previously he or she was happy and content, this could mean emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can take many forms. In addition to speaking harshly to your loved one, staff or other involved parties may threaten, isolate, or even ignore your loved one. However it happens, emotional abuse is never to be tolerated. Emotional abuse can lead to physical symptoms that can cause illness and even death; because nursing home residents are more fragile than others and because they cannot advocate for themselves, emotional abuse is a very serious problem indeed. If this happens, don’t simply pass it off as something that is minor and of little consequence.

Contact New York nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers right away, and have them take a look at your case, no matter the type of abuse that happening. They’ll help you get justice for your loved one and compensation for pain and suffering, too. With that, you will have the resources to take care of your loved one properly.

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