South Carolina Nursing Home Worker Charged With Murder in Death of 82-Year-Old Resident

On Thursday, November 17th, 30-year-old Braquette Wykina Walton was charged with murder in the death of 82-year-old Pauline Cook, a resident of the Oak Bridge Terrace Assisted Living Residences, located on the campus of the Park Pointe Village Assisted Living facility that is located along Chesbrough Blvd.

Cook was found dead in the shower with what the York County Coroner’s Office considered injuries that were not consistent with what was first thought to be a fall.  Cook’s family stated that the victim was found badly bruised.  Only one day earlier, Cook had talked with police about stolen checks.  Prior to her death, Cook told Rock Hill police that after reviewing a print out of checks that had been cashed over a period of time from her bank, she noticed that four of the checks had signatures that did not match hers.  The checks were made out to Walton, the worker charged in Cook’s death, between October 12th and November 1st, and totaled $1,280.

The victim also informed police that Walton had access to residents’ apartments; she was not working at the time that Cook complained to police, according to the police report.  Cook was found about 6:30 a.m. the following morning by nursing staff, who called for medical help and attempted CPR.

According to Police Chief John Gregory, the crime did not appear to be a random act of violence.  Walton was arrested on the morning of November 15th as she was driving toward her home.  She was charged with uttering and forgery before being transported to the Rock Hill jail.  Police charged Walton with murder the following Thursday afternoon.

As experienced New York nursing home abuse attorneys, this is a case that goes far beyond abuse – a life was taken.  Residents of nursing homes not only often face physical and mental abuse, but financial abuse as well as was clear in this case.  An elderly woman is now dead over what appears to be $1,280 in forged checks.  For some, it seems, the human life has very little value.

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, either physically, emotionally or financially, contact the New York injury lawyers at Brown Chiari.  We work vigorously to protect the rights of those residing in nursing home facilities that may be subject to unacceptable treatment.

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