When Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect is Suspected, Call a New York Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyer for Assistance

It’s never pleasant to think about: Your loved one is supposed to be safe and secure in his or her nursing home, well cared for and content. However, sometimes, nursing home abuse and neglect happens; if your loved one has been a victim, you need a New York nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer to help you with your case.

Make sure your loved one is safe

Before you call a New York nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer, make sure your loved one is safe. Move him or her from the current nursing home as necessary to another one; contact nursing home administration to make sure they know the abuse is going on, and contact law enforcement as well if necessary.

After you’ve done this, contact a New York nursing home abuse and neglect attorney to talk about your case. New York nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys are experts at helping victims receive compensation for pain and suffering when they’ve gone through this type of abuse. In this case, of course, your loved one is the victim, but you are too – because you have had to watch your loved one suffer, and because you now have to address the vagaries that come with finding another place of residence and dealing with the situation at hand.

What constitutes nursing home abuse and neglect?

Although obvious signs of physical abuse and neglect, such as poor hygiene, malnutrition, physical bruising or injury are certainly signs of nursing home abuse and neglect, you may also want to look for emotional changes in your loved one: if he or she is normally happy and content and communicates freely, but suddenly becomes fearful and uncommunicative for no apparent reason, emotional abuse and neglect may be going on, even if physical harm is not being done – and make no mistake; this is just as serious a matter as physical abuse and neglect would be.

If your loved one is normally alert and aware of his or her surroundings and suddenly becomes sleepy or drowsy at inappropriate times of day, staff may be giving him or her medication to induce sleepiness and therefore “not a bother.” (Possibilities of inappropriate use of medication include overdosing on prescribed medication, giving it at the wrong times of day, or giving too much, in addition to giving medication that shouldn’t be given at all.)

Once you know or even suspect abuse is going on, contact a nursing home lawyer in New York to take a look at your case – after you make sure your loved one is safe, of course. Your lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve so that you can take care of your loved one and ensure his or her safety once again.

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